The Rosenwerth brand is one of the most acclaimed names in the South African fashion industry and is synonymous with style, elegance and quality craftsmanship.  They offer women of all ages unique couture garments which enhance their individual style and personality for all occasions.

Now celebrating its 50th year as an eminent house of couture and prêt-a-porter, Rosenwerth continues to bring its distinctive articulation of luxury to contemporary fashion.

The brand has long led the way in offering women something more than an obvious fashion choice.  At the helm is Gabi Rosenwerth, whose dedication to dressing the modern woman is channeled through her considerable skill, eye for detail and her intimate knowledge of how a woman feels in a dress.

Luminaries in their field, the label injected the profound understanding of luxury, cultivated over centuries in Europe, into the young South African industry when Elzbieta Rosenwerth founded the eponymous label after arriving in South Africa from post-war Poland.

Elzbieta holds the undisputed crown as doyenne of South Africa’s fashion fleet, and Gabi continues this proud tradition, always searching for the one extra factor that transforms a garment and the woman wearing it.

Gabi’s creative leadership reflects the changes around her, as she creates collections whose direction resonates strongly with the confident woman of today.

The house of Rosenwerth focuses on empowering women through their femininity.  Their collections always create a narrative of their muse embracing feather-light chiffons dyed in gradations of colour, fanciful hems and frilled jackets which epitomizes her feminine sophistication.

Rosenwerth’s philosophy of style, self expression and determination, continues to enthrall and keeps them on the forefront of fashion.