Gabi Rosenwerth is one of South Africa’s leading couturiers specializing in tailor-made dance dresses and she can turn your winter matric farewell into a fairy-tale.

Any girl knows that the Matric dance is one of the truly special occasions in life where you get to be part of a very magical and memorable event. At Rosenwerth we understand the excitement of creating the perfect dress that lets you unleash your wildest and most creative dreams in a very fun and […]

4 simple steps to your perfect matric dance dress designed by fashion icon Gabi Rosenwerth

Are you ready for your Matric dance night? As you know, it’s the night where you get the opportunity to shine. And we at Rosenwerth truly understand how special the experience can be for most girls. Thus, we are sharing these four steps on how we can help you achieve the matric dance dress you […]