Fashion Fact for June

Fashion Fact: Did you know that the skirt is the second oldest women’s garment in history?

The skirt as we know it has evolved from basic animal pelts to the wide range of fabrics and designs that we have today. How did it last so long? Because it’s one of the most versatile pieces of clothing imaginable.

From long and elegant floor-length skirts to micro minis, there’s a skirt out there for every occasion. Whether it’s a job interview or a party, there’s a skirt out there that will look fantastic. Skirts are available in such a wide range of materials that they can be worn in any season whether freezing cold or boiling hot and still be comfortable. In fact, skirts are manufactured in bulk by factories as well as being handmade by the world’s top designers.

While skirts are a mainstay of women’s closets worldwide, they’re also types of skirts worn by men in certain countries. Sarongs are a type of skirt made by wrapping a piece of fabric around the waist and are worn by men in Polynesia as well as the Indian subcontinent. Kilts worn by Scottish and Irish men are another type of skirt, and the unique tartan designs identify different clans.

Although the skirt founds its origin in the fact that it was a simple way to cover the lower body, it became a well-adapted clothing piece in modern society. It fits into almost any environment ranging from casual to professional. Depending on the cut, fabric and length you can wear a skirt as an eye-catching party piece or as office attire. And who can deny the romance associated with a full length skirt for a garden picnic? Though it may change appearance over different seasons, the skirt sure is a garment piece that will remain for centuries to come.