5 steps to your dream wedding gown by fashion icon Gabi Rosenwerth

Love is in the air! The big question asked, and the answer ‘yes’! You are planning your wedding and you want your wedding day to be perfect. You may decide to have an intimate ceremony in a chapel, or being surrounded with family and friends on a large estate. Irrespective of the kind of wedding you are planning, one thing is certain: The bride will be the centre of attention, and so will her wedding gown!

Gabi Rosenwerth, a renowned South African designer, has built her brand, Rosenwerth, over half a century radiating style, elegance and quality. You may not be able to predict the weather for your wedding day, but you can be sure that in Gabi’s hands your dream wedding gown will take shape and be transformed to reality.

Here are 5 steps to your dream wedding gown:

1.  Defining your preferences and style

The easiest way to start this step is to gather photographs, clippings or sketches you may have on your dream wedding gown and bring it with you to Rosenwerth to meet with Gabi. Gabi will discuss your style and preferences with you and this is where her keen eye and vast experience are invaluable. The options are endless, so you may have to fit on different gowns to get a feel for your style. Gabi will take proper bust, waist, hips and high hip measurements.

2.  Wedding gown sketch

With all the information gathered in step one, Gabi will be sketching your dream wedding gown. The sketch helps to give you a visual impression of how everything you’ve discussed, comes together.

3.  Choosing the most suitable fabric

Once a design is finalized the next step is to choose the fabric. Gabi will guide you through your options in lace, silk and other fabrics to best compliment your design. This step usually entails meeting at one of the best fabric stores in Cape Town. The choice of fabric also helps in estimating the time and cost in making the gown. At this time a final price will be quoted.

4. First fitting

A mock up of your gown, is an actual dress that is made in your design but using an alternative fabric called calico. The purpose of the mock up dress is to ensure that your dress fits properly and if necessary the needed adjustments can be made at this step. This is the first fitting of two with Gabi. The other is the final fitting.

5. Final fitting

This is the big moment when you will fit your actual wedding gown. Your gown was made with utmost precision and meticulous care. This is your chance to see if your gown is in order and in matching your dream.

Leaving your wedding gown in the capable hands of Gabi Rosenwerth is one less thing you need to plan and arrange in making your wedding day perfect. You are set for being the centre of attention and justly so – A Rosenwerth wedding gown is just as stunning as the woman who wears it!