With a winter selection of exciting animal prints, plaid and vibrant colours the answer is yes

If we were to attempt to describe the fashion trends for winter 2018 we would probably have to say that this year is all about making bold statements with a splash of modesty.

This winter we’ll be seeing vibrant colours, red in particular, in many shapes and textures. From red
suits to red accessories and even statement headwear, this quite frankly sexy colour, is infiltrating
runways this season in so many ways. We’re labelling red the ‘it’ colour of 2018!

Speaking of women’s suits, a fashion trend revival we’re seeing splayed all over catwalks this season
are monochromatic occasion suits neatly tailored for an elegant and modest look.

This year we’re also seeing a tremendous focus on animal prints at all major international fashion
shows. Designers like Tom Ford, Givenchy and Michael Kors to name a few, have revived leopard
print in particular this season with iconic pieces made of varying fabrics and vibrant colours (red of

To make a truly bold statement this season we recommend fashion pieces with glossy textures.
Some other must haves to include baby bags, plaids, especially checked plaids and bold stripes.